Proposed Tours... 


The heart of Paris and its secrets. 
Let's walk along the Seine from The Louvre to Notre-Dame. An opportunity to discover part of French and Parisian History... Enjoy exceptional views of Paris from the Pont des Arts and the Pont-Neuf. We will discover a royal place, remember of the French Revolution and enjoy nice monuments all along the tour.


Montmartre, a village within Paris.. but off the beaten tracks 
From the Place des Abbesses to the Sacré-Coeur, get a taste of the specific spirit of Montmartre : windmills, wine, art,... A very specific district with its own history and anecdotes. The tour ends with the best view on Paris in front of the basilica !


The Marais
From the church Saint-Gervais Saint-Protais to the royal place des Vosges, place royal, enjoy this district which was very fashionable in the XVIIth century... and still is today. Nice mansions, the famous Jewish Quarter, the hidden "village Saint-Paul". A concentrate of French history and culture !
Saint-Germain-des-Prés, a specific Parisian spirit
Saint-Germain is among the mythical districts of Paris : its intellectual and artistic past is one of the reasons ! The famous Cafés (Lipp, Deux Magots, Flore) are part of the story. The oldest restaurant in Paris is also worth to be seen with a singular history. Sartre or French Revolution will also be part of this tour !



The Quartier Latin (Latin Quarter)

This tour enables to cover centuries in one only walk ! From the Romans to 2015... including Middle-Ages, the XVIIIst century, the Pantheon, the famous Sorbonne University and the May-68 events and the very interesting church Saint-Etienne du Mont. one among the richest cultural tours.



The Parc Monceau and its aristocratic environment

This is an "off-the-beaten-tracks" tour. We will talk of Alexandre Dumas, the famous writer as well as the Statue of Liberty ! We will understand why this district is full of very rich and nice mansions built second half of the XIXth century. 1/3 of the tour will take place in the Parc Monceau, a very strange and specific park in Paris, with a history starting in the XVIIIth century. Remaining parts of that time are still visible  here and there in the park


The "Covered Passages"

A Parisian novelty in the XIXth century... A innovative architecture. These "passages couverts" mixing entertainment, stores, restaurants,... were fasionable at this time. You would avoid the rain and the dirt of Paris streets ! After a period of decline, these passages couverts are stgarting again to be fashionable. A unique tour. We will go throught 7 of these passages !

Jewels of PARIS

Take a limo, a minibus. Then, we will design a tour for you including 6 or 7 points of interest. At each of these points, you will have time to listen to comments, get out of the bus or the limo to take pictures, ask questions... Enjoy ! Contact us in advance for booking a tour with a TUKTUK !